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A lawn is composed of millions of small grass plants which need nutrients to maintain their health and best appearance. Like most other plants, a policy of feeding 'a little but often' will help to keep your lawn in peak condition and prevent weeds and disease from establishing a foothold.

During the growing season ( March to September ) use a fertilizer containing a high level of Nitrogen (N ). This encourages a thick, lush top grass sward and a deep green colour.

During Autumn, apply a fertilizer containing very little Nitrogen, but much more Phosphates (P) and Potash (K). Follow manufacturer's instructions for quantities.

In hot, dry weather, water as much as possible (evening is best ) and set the mower to a higher cut. This will reduce the possibility of the lawn burning and turning brown.

We hope this guide will help you to produce and maintain a first class lawn, but if you have any other problems or queries, please phone and we will try to help.