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Laying the Turf
Find out more about how to West Midland Turf the right way

laying and rolling the turf

The smoother the lawn surface, the better the lawn will always be, so try not to walk directly on the prepared soil or newly-laid turf. Instead, use some planks or boards to spread your weight and work from these. (scaffold boards are ideal )

Start by unrolling one strip of turf around the perimeter of the lawn. Avoid using small pieces at the edges, these can dry out too quickly and perish. It is better to have the surface of the turf a little higher than any path or surrounding paving to avoid your mower blade hitting any hard edging. It will also be easier to tamp or roll the turf down to the ideal level than bring the surface up if it is too low.

Ensure that the underside of the new turf has full contact with the soil below.

Lay the next strip in a straight line across the longest part of the area and continue to work across the lawn, strip by strip, producing a pattern similar to brickwork. Push adjoining edges and ends up to each other, but avoid stretching the turf or overlapping.

Use a sharp knife or moon lawn edger to cut pieces to shape and at the ends.

By standing on the planks and moving them across the lawn as you lay, you will leave a flatter surface.

laying and rolling the turf