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Benefits of Grass
Discover the benefits of using grass and turf

As we become more environmentally conscious, we all look for ways to 'pitch in' and do our bit to combat the growing problems caused by pollution and greenhouse gases.

Many of us try to recycle various goods that pass through our homes, buy more energy-efficient appliances and buy products made from recycled materials.

One family or even one person's environmental stewardship can make a difference and collectively, can make a big impact on our environment.

By maintaining a healthy lawn and garden, you are an even better environmental steward than you may have thought ! Just try to imagine a world without lawns, trees, plants and shrubs!

The Lawn Grass 'Conditioner'

Grass helps to clean our air. With millions of individual grass plants in an average-sized lawn, grass is a primary collector of dust and dirt. Just one acre of grass can absorb hundreds of pounds of fossil fuel-created sulphur dioxide in a single year.

Grass and other plant material are a source of the air we breathe. Through the process of photosynthesis, green plants convert carbon dioxide and other gases into oxygen. Your lawn is one of the best oxygen producers we have, with an area of only 250 sq.mtrs producing enough oxygen for a family of four.

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Flood reduction

Next time it rains, notice where the water comes from that fills the street gutters and drains. You will find that very little run-off comes from your lawn.

This is because dense, healthy grass is the best natural surface for trapping water and reducing soil erosion. A lawn of only 200 square metres can absorb more than 1000 gallons of rainwater without noticeable run-off. One of the main causes of urban flooding over recent years is due to the removal of lawns to make room for car parking or hard-surface landscaping. Rainwater is no longer slowly absorbed, but runs off these hard surfaces into the street and overloads the drains.

Water absorbed by a lawn nourishes grass, trees, shrubs and flowers before filtering through the topsoil and replenishing groundwater supplies. Groundwater reserve is very important and a main source of freshwater for many of our communities.

Soil Builder

Grass is one of the major producers of new soil. Your lawn is continually making topsoil by growing, dying off, decomposing and redeveloping. By leaving clippings on the lawn and allowing them to decay naturally, you return a significant amount of nutrients to the lawn to help it grow and build topsoil.

Our Mental Health

An area of grass is a wonderful place to relax. It is the centrepiece of thousands of beautiful gardens and gives a taste of nature and freedom to even the most built-up areas.

It has been shown that people recover faster in a hospital when they have a view of a green landscape rather than the walls of adjoining buildings.